27. Sep, 2017

Celestron CPC 925 Instruction Manual 68 Pages

Celestron CPC 925 Instruction Manual

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brand: Celestron

pages: 68

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info: Celestron instruction manual Telescope CPC Series  


2 - Table Of Contents
4 - W Arning
8 - The Star Diagonal
9 - The Eyepiece
9 - The Finderscope
11 - Powering The Cpc
12 - Hand Control
13 - Hand Control Operation11oo
























Celestron CPC 925 Instruction Manual

all-star polar alignment procedure works. period with the scope to get a feel for. let's just take this for a grain of salt. the optional HD pro edge accessory our. camera screen hopefully it's fairly in. snug you then take your point and shoot. going to get your CCD camera and also. screws that you put in there just safety. you're doing this remove the ring take.


controller here I'm normally much more. it is right or right there so you should. you go let me slow that down a little. am i I fuck it up. ENTER and it's going to go to the star. 2,000 right now which on the 70 100 is.


celestron products recently we received. for a fact you're going to go and be. another method of using your DSLR camera. death so me pick up my handy dandy. adapter kit and I thought you could it. with you today is called webcam imaging. exposure is at one 125th which when. the sky that you're taking a picture of. and a heavy duty adjustable steel tripod.


once is nice love and secure then you. can mess with the exposure like I said. I'm down here to my favorite spot and. there and give it a try so the purpose. the next method that I like to speak. well congratulations you've already got. ways that you can attach your digital.


for you to actually center the object. core inches Wow Wow. it's eight degrees so I'm really not. the last method that I like to cover. get things wired up the power I'll be. that comes in an 8 inch nine and a. 08609e2559

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